Before setting up your GCI survey group and inviting all your survey group members, one recommended best practice is to let all of your participants know about the survey and what to expect. You can modify and send your survey group members an email based on the template below. 

Dear [name],


You will soon be receiving an e-mail invitation from to complete the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) as a part of Group [add inventory group name here]. Please watch for your invitation and let me know if you do not receive it by [date you want them to begin].


Please note that some e-mail systems classify these invitations as “junk” or “spam” messages so you may need to look for them on your system. If you are using an e-mail account from an organization that has a particularly strong security system, you might consider asking me to use an alternative e-mail account (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) for this exercise.


Time Needed to Complete Your Inventory:

[The GCI has approximately 160 questions and takes most people 45-60 minutes to complete. You should complete it in one sitting, so please plan your time online appropriately .


Translations of the Inventory:

The Kozai Group assessments are offered in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese. You will be able to select your preferred language once you have signed in. Please note that feedback reports are available only in English. 


Feedback of Inventory Results:

Once you have completed the assessment [Choose an option (a) your results will be sent to you as an attachment in pdf format, or (b) I will receive your feedback report and will give you your copy at a later date.]


Technical Support:

If you have difficulty accessing the inventory or downloading your report, please contact the Aperian Global (AG) Technical Support offices by emailing them at


When you request support, please be prepared to tell the AG staff the following things:

  1. The name of your group (see the first paragraph of this message)
  2. The name of your administrator (who sent you this message)
  3. The problems you are having
  4. The web browser you are using and which version
  5. The e-mail address your invitation was sent to (sometimes different from the one you are using to write AG)
  6. If possible, forward your invitation letter to the AG staff at



[Administrator signature & contact information here]