Many GCI administrators prefer to set their survey groups such that their participants do not get access to their GCI reports immediately. (This is determined by the setting labeled Make report immediately available online to user upon completion?)

If this setting is set to "No", then the administrator doesn''t see any of the related group settings where you can choose to also email the GCI report to the survey taker upon their completion.

As such, when the administrator is ready to email reports to survey takers, they need to do the following:

1) When viewing your administrator dashboard, click on the icon in the Run Report column that corresponds to the survey for which you wish to email reports.

2) On the Run Report page, click on the Select "Completed" button to select everyone who finished the survey, then click the Email Individual Reports button in the lower right.

If you're sending 30 or fewer reports, you'll see a "processing" animation. Leave the browser window open until you see confirmation the process is complete.

If you're sending 30+ emailed reports, the request will be sent to the server for processing and you'll see a message to check back later for confirmation the emails are sent.

After the emails have been sent, you'll see date values in the Report Emailed column.