It is not necessary to customize the email invitations that will be sent to the members of your IBI group. However, if you wish to include some customized information, follow these instructions:

  1. On the Preview Email Invitations page, which can be accessed when creating a new group or editing an existing group, you will see a text editor with the standard email invitation text. 
  2. You can change any of the text in the email except for the text within the asterisk (*) marks. These are variables which the system will populate with information you have entered elsewhere. This text includes:
    • *Individual Name*
    • *Group Name*
    • *Survey End Date*
    • Registration URL: While it does not have asterisks around it, you should also not change the registration URL listed in step 1. This is how your group members will access the tool.
  3. Other than these sections, you can add or change the text. To do so, click within the text editor and start typing your new text.
  4. Once the text is added, click Save and Continue. Click Continue on the popup message to confirm the changes.
  5. On the Send Invitations page, select the group members and click Send Email Invitations