Before you resend your invitations, you should do a few things:

a) Confirm with the person who's still Pending whether or not they've received the first invitation. If they didn't see it, you may want to prompt them to check their junk email folder for emails from Sending them new invitations won't help them if they're all getting routed to a Spam folder.

b) Confirm that the email address you've sent the invitation to is accurate. Is it possible it contains a typographical error?

Once you've done that, you're ready to send a new invitation:

1) Log in at and navigate your way to the GlobeSmart Profile

2) Click on the Invitations tab

3) Navigate to either Colleagues or Teams (depending on which variety of invitation you're looking to resend)

4) Click the pencil icon next to the Colleague or Team you wish to send a new invitation to

5) In the pop-up window, make any required changes to the email address(es) you're sending, then click the Update and Resend Invitation button