1) Log in at https://globesmart.aperianglobal.com

2) From the Dashboard, click the button marked Invitations

3) Click Send Invitation on the next page

3) In the Email field for Invitation 1, enter the email address of the individual you would like to invite to complete their Profile survey and share their Profile with you.

(optional)  If you have purchased more than 1 additional license for the GlobeSmart Profile and you would like the recipient of your invitation to use one of them, you may select a registration code from the drop menu labeled Select Access Code. This will allow the recipient, upon registration, to claim one of your purchased licenses.

4) If you wish to invite multiple people at once, you can click the ADD ANOTHER INVITATION button to add as many Email fields as you need.

5) When you're ready, click the SEND INVITATION button. Emails will go out immediately to your invitees.