You have been invited to share your profile with a colleague or team. Here's how to accept the invitation and get started with GlobeSmart:

  1.  Click the button to Accept Invitation or Join Team in the email you received.
  2. If you have never used GlobeSmart before, click Sign Up on the login screen. (Login if you already have a GlobeSmart account.) Sign up using the same email that your invitation was sent to. (For example, don't use a personal email to register if the email was sent to your work email.)

  3. From the Dashboard, click Take the Survey. Complete the survey to create your GlobeSmart Profile.

  4. Once you've completed the survey, you'll be connected to the person or team that invited you. Click Compare My Profile and select the person or team that invited you from the list.

  5. View the comparison and receive advice on working more effectively together