If you have an upcoming training event that you would like to use the GlobeSmart Teaming Assessment for, as a certified consultant all you have to do is follow the steps outlined here:

1) Complete the attached GTA Team Upload Form. [download]    (Optional: If desired, you can modify the default invitation email using the GTA Email Invitations document [download])

2) Email the completed form(s) to: webtools@aperianglobal.com

3) Visit the Aperian Global corporate site to purchase the seats you need, using your certified trainer discount code.

4) Allow 2 business days for the set up. Aperian Global will initiate the team set up and send initial invitations using the information you've provided. Note: Automatic invitations and reminder emails will be sent to the team from the email address webtools@aperianglobal.com. We recommend that your team leader(s) send an introductory email to team members prior to the GTA survey being initiated so that this invitation is expected.

5) Aperian Global will send you a confirmation when the team assessment is initiated, and will invoice you for the number of team assessments requested.