Prior to sending a GlobeSmart Profile invitation, it is a best practice to send your colleagues an email informing them of what the GlobeSmart Profile survey is, and that you will sending them an invitation to compare GlobeSmart Profiles. The invitation email they receive will come from the address

Once the invitation is sent, if your colleague says they did not receive it, ask them first to check their Spam or Junk filters.

If the message is not in a Spam or Junk filter, instruct your colleague to register for an account. If you have purchased a seat for your colleague, share with them the special URL you were sent for registration. If you did not purchase a seat for your colleague, they will have to first buy a seat by going to Once registered, ask your colleague to complete the GlobeSmart Profile survey and then click the Invitations tab. Click Colleagues or Teams (depending on the type of invitation), and find the invitation in the list. They will see the option to either Accept or Decline the invitation. After they click Accept, they will be able to compare profiles with you or join the team.