The primary benefit of the GlobeSmart Profile is that it is a quick and easy-to-understand awareness-building tool for people interacting across cultures. Both the IDI (see below) and the MBTI serve similar functions in different ways, but they are more involved (take more time) and require more interpretation to comprehend their results than does the GlobeSmart Profile. (The IDI requires that a Certified practitioner explains your results to you.) Both the IDI and the MBTI are well-researched and have been through a number of validation and reliability studies — as has the GlobeSmart Profile.


The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is primarily an assessment of personality 'types,' and assesses how people with different 'types' can work effectively with each other. It is a very popular assessment, certainly in the U.S., and a number of Aperian Global clients use both the MBTI and the GlobeSmart Profile. The MBTI does not focus on cultural differences, and even though the GlobeSmart Profile could be seen in some ways as similar to the MBTI in that they both look at style 'preferences,' the GlobeSmart Profile generally looks at style preferences through the filter of culture, while the MBTI focuses primarily on Jungian psychological 'types.' See