The Global Perspectives Inventory (GPI) is an assessment developed by the Global Perspectives Institute. It measures students on how they think, how they view themselves with regards to their cultural background, and how they relate to people of other cultures. It is an assessment, while the GlobeSmart Profile is not. The GlobeSmart Profile's intention is not to measure students on the dimensions. There is no "right" or "wrong" profile, or high or low scores. Instead, the GlobeSmart Profile focuses on raising one's cultural self-awareness and on how to adjust one's behavior and expectations (or "style switch") when working with people from other cultures. The GPI focuses on students and their university environment, while the focus of the GlobeSmart Profile includes both the academic environment students currently inhabit and the workplace environments they will transition to after graduation. The GlobeSmart Profile includes invitations and comparison features that allow students to apply profiles to the relationships and experiences they have on a daily basis.