By default, one's GlobeSmart Profile is considered personal information and is not shared. In order to share your Profile with colleagues and to view your colleagues' Profiles, you need to send an invitation asking for permission to access their Profile.

1) In the GlobeSmart Profile tool, click on the Invitations tab

2) If prompted, confirm your name as it will appear in any invitations you send.

3) Click on the Colleagues sub-tab.

4) In the row available, enter the email address of your colleague. (Add more rows as necessary using the "Add Row" button.) If you wish to send many invitations at once, you can also upload a spreadsheet of email addresses following the format of the sample spreadsheet provided.

5) Select the language your colleagues would prefer to receive invitations in, then click the Send All button. Email invitations will be sent to your colleagues. If using the upload feature, the invitations will be sent as soon as the spreadsheet uploads.

When your colleagues accept those invitations, you'll be able to compare your profile with theirs on the Compare tab.