1) In order to efficiently share GlobeSmart Profiles with a group of colleagues, nominate one individual to create a team invitation.

2) The person creating the team invitation will navigate to the GlobeSmart Profile, then to the Invitations tab and the Teams sub-tab.

3) Enter the name of the team to be created in the Add Team Name field.

4) Enter the email addresses of all team members in the rows provided. Add more rows as necessary using the Add Row button.

5) Select an invitation language from the language drop menu for each person, then click Send All. The email invitations will be sent.

6) If you are creating a very large team, you have the option to upload a list of email addresses instead of adding each address one by one. Use the sample spreadsheet provided, enter each email address and select the invitation language using the drop-down menu. Select the file and upload. The email invitations will be sent automatically.

As team members opt in to sharing their Profiles, they'll start appearing as a comparison option on the Compare tab.