If your group is large, you can easily upload the members without needing to enter each one individuallyYou can upload hundreds of users at once using the Upload Bulk Users function.

  1. Prepare your list of group members on an Excel spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet should follow this format:

First name

Last name

Email address







  1. Save the spreadsheet on your computer in .xls format. (There is also a sample spreadsheet you can download and use as your template.)

  2. On the Create Group page, click the Upload Bulk Users button. Note: Be sure to adhere to the exact format of the sample spreadsheet, and make sure any and all extra spaces are removed before and after each of the names and email addresses.

  3. Your computer's file finder will open. Locate the spreadsheet file, select it and click Open

  4.  The members from your spreadsheet will appear on the page and you can continue creating your group.