1. From the My Groups page, click the name of the group you wish to update.

  1. From the Update Group page, you can take the following actions: 
    • Update the group name 
    • Extend the end date to allow longer access to the GCI
    • Delete group members 
    • Add new group members 
    • Adjust the report access settings for the group 

  1. After making any changes, click Save and Continue. Click Continue on the popup message to confirm the save.

  2. If new group members are added, preview the email invitations and make any necessary customization. Click Save and Continue. Click OK to confirm the save.  

  3. On the Send Invitations page, select the newly added group member. 

  1. Click Send Email Invitation. Click OK on the popup message. The page will now show today's date in the Most recent email sent column for this member. The new member has been successfully added to the group!  

  2. Click My Groups on the left side of the page to return to your list of groups.