1. From the welcome page of the Aperian Global Learning Portal, click the button to the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES).
  2. The next page is the Dashboard. From this page, you can take the survey or create and manage survey groups. Most people will click Take Survey

  3. On the My Groups page, select your preferred language from the drop-down in the upper right. This is the language that you will use to take the survey. (Note: the report is only available in English.) 

  4. Find the appropriate group name and click Start Survey. Most people will only have one group listed on this page. 

  5. Depending on the way your group is set up, you may need to purchase a seat on the following page to access the IES. If necessary, see the instructions for purchasing seats.
  6. Respond to the survey items as honestly as possible by indicating how strongly you agree or disagree with the statements. There are about 60 statements, and 9 steps (pages) to the survey. At the end of each page, click Continue to get to the next page. 

    • If you need to return to a previous page, click Save and Back at the bottom of any page.
    • You do not need to complete the survey in one setting. At any time, you can click Save and Close at the bottom of any page. Click OK on the popup message. Your responses will be saved and you can begin where you left off by clicking Continue Survey from the My Groups page.
  1. Steps 8 and 9 of the survey includes some demographic questions. Respond as honestly as possible to these questions. Click Continue.
  2. Once you have completed the survey, you will see a message thanking you for your participation. Click Continue

  3. Your results will either be available immediately for you to download, or will be distributed by your group administrator or program facilitator. 
  4. From the My Groups page, you can edit your survey responses if necessary any time before the survey end date by clicking the Edit Survey button.