If your group will be using the IES as a pre-/post- assessment, follow these steps. Note: there is usually a significant event between the first and second times the participants take the IES. For example, a group of students may take the IES before a study abroad program, and then take it again after returning.

  1. If you will be paying for your group to use the IES, you will need to purchase a seat for each group member. Follow the instructions to purchase seats. Be sure to purchase Resurvey seats (US$20).
  2. Follow the instructions to Create an IES Group.
  3. In Step 2g of the instructions, in the Group Settings section, there is the question "Will the group complete a Resurvey?" Click the radio button for "Yes."

After the first survey's end date, an icon for Resurvey will appear for the group on the My Groups page. 

  1. When you're ready to start your second survey, the "post-" survey, click on the icon in the Resurvey column (circled in red above).

  2. Read the instructions and click the checkbox. Click the Begin Resurvey button. Click OK on the popup message to confirm the initiation of the resurvey. 
  3. You will be prompted to update the group in the following ways:

  • Create a new end date for the survey
  • Verify the group members and adjust as necessary
  • Note: all participants are paid for during the first time through the IES. You will not need to do anything with the Payment Option menu at this time.

4. Click Save and Continue.

5. Preview and customize the email invitations as necessary. Click Save and Continue.

6. Send the email invitations when you're ready.

7. Click My Groups. The name of the group will now include "(Resurvey)".

8. Once the survey is complete, follow the instructions for accessing reports. The reports will now include an additional page showing the participant's or the group's previous scores. Current scores will be on the first score summary page, with the previous scores on the following page.